I SPY: Farewell Mr Oscar

Oct 22, 2014

Don't you miss Sex and The City?  Believe it or not it's been 10 years since they stopped taping.  Nothing has been good enough to follow religiously on TV since then.  SAD.

When I found out another giant Fashion icon has recently passed away, it made me think of the show and how I crave for some Carrie fever.  OSCAR DE LA RENTA sadly fled the scene yesterday at 82 years old.  Who?  The big fashion mogul known for the couture label he built, dressing society ladies for decades, with a huge Hollywood following, and his designs often being spotted on the red carpet.  Sarah Jessica Parker had a long standing friendship with the designer and was his MUSE.  She was often seen wearing his designs on and off the screen.  SJP was a true FAN.

Here is a flashback to some of the amazing pieces you may remember Carrie Bradshaw showing off on the hit show that were designed by Oscar de la Renta.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest - She Who Tames The Wind

Photo Credit: Pinterest - coolspotters.com

Photo Credit:  InStyle Magazine

Photo Credit: Pinterest - Die Welt

Photo Credit: Pinterest - mademoisellevuitton.tumblr.com

Were any of these your favorite Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe picks that have stuck in your mind?  These were definitely some of my favorite Fashion moments on the show.  If that's not enough my Pinterest Page has more of Oscar de la Renta's fabulous designs.  Girly perfection to the T.  The fit, proportions, draping, luxe fabrics, classic, feminine style, was his gift to any woman's body.  Le' sigh…I would love to play dress up in Oscar de la Renta's cinderella gowns!  JE' TAIME.

R.I.P Oscar de la Renta.  He has left behind a distinct mark in Fashion, and will be well remembered.  Best wishes for his legacy to continue in good hands.  The pressure is on for Peter Copping the Creative Director hand picked by Oscar de la Renta himself last week.  Don't mess up a good thing Mister!

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