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Oct 1, 2014

Today is October 1…what does that mean?  Time to think about HALLOWEEN costumes!  If you haven't got that already squared away then here are some EASY costumes to whip up for all ages that I found on Pinterest.  Simple enough to make - no need to be Martha Stewart!  Adults feel free to upgrade these fantastic costumes to your size.  These are winners that put a smile on my face.

Mini Clark Kent/ Superman - Doesn't he look dapper?

A Baby Burrito - I want a bite!

Old Man - Good support for the tot learning to walk

Itsy Bisty Spider - your Baby Bjorn will come in handy
Baby Octopus - Stuff tights and attach to a onesie

A Snail - Roll up all the junk packaging paper you receive in boxes
Audrey Hepburn - Not only Disney Princesses are glam!
Cruella - The little devil
Don Draper - For Mad Men fans

Abercrombie model - Get ripped!

Frida Kahlo
Homeless Guy
Jellyfish - Perfect for a rainy day

Google maps

Instagram - Let me take a selfie!


Aren't these costumes hilarious?  My older son is dying to be a homeless man.  HA!  It's a toss between Frida Kahlo or Cruella for my costume.  Whats your pick?  I like FUNNY and creative.  When else can you walk around like a goof ball, make fun of your kids and have a mono brow?  Save the sexy for the bedroom!  For more DIY halloween costume ideas check out my Pinterest page.

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