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Oct 6, 2014

Hello Monday!  How was your weekend?  This weekend we celebrated my #1's birthday.  He officially turns 10 tomorrow!  Double digits…YIKES!  It's mind boggling how fast time has flown by.  Even worst when I think about how old I am now.  HA!

I have on my list this week to write his annual birthday letter.  It's a tradition I have been keeping up with for both kids since the day they were born.  In the first year I write a monthly letter because they change rapidly and accomplish different milestones every month.  After their 1st birthday I only write annually.  I started this tradition because we don't live near family and many of my old friends live abroad too, so it was a good way to keep in touch with everyone and fill them in on how the babies are growing, along with recent photos of them.  Friends and family love these letters, which keeps me continuing to write.  At times I get so crazed, I can't find time to write these birthday letters and almost want to stop.  But I won't until I run out of things to say, or the kids request their privacy.  I must admit that as much as I do this for my friends and family I do it a lot more for myself.  Occasionally I take a walk down memory lane and read some of the old birthday letters.  It's amazing how much you forget, and it brings back good memories.  I hope they will enjoy reading these letters when they get older.  Or probably their wives will appreciate it more, since boys seem to be less sentimental!  Do you do a similar tradition?  Or is this an idea you would like to try?

This is a sample of his birthday letter from last year:

Dear Friends & Family,

I turned 9 years old!

So I'm at an age where I can read and write and therefore should be writing my own birthday emails.  However, I am a boy, and lets face it if Mama handed over this responsibility to me you would be receiving 2 lines if your lucky! Instead she can easily write a novel on my behalf about the last year of my life with juicy details…which do you prefer? :)

The big 9…My last year being a single digit!  Mama is still searching for the 'pause' button, as she is not looking forward to the teenage years!  Honestly I'm not either, because I was told that I'm going to start having pimples and smell :)  WHAT?!?!  Mama tried explaining this concept the other day to me as we were in the middle of CVS pharmacy and she ended up buying a bottle of mens deodorant to have at home on standby for when that ugly day comes.  Geez!  If you know her well she has zero tolerance for body odor :)

I had a Minecraft theme rock climbing party this year.  I love rock climbing and had an awesome time challenging myself.  We all physically worked so hard climbing for 2 hours that 10 minutes before the end of the party me and my buddies were starving and demanding to stop and bring out the PIZZA!!!

(Party pics)

Also for my birthday Mama took me on a birthday trip to visit Great Wolf Lodge for 3 days over Columbus day weekend.  It's this resort 2 hrs away from us in Pennsylvania.  Inside the resort they have a huge indoor water park with slides, wave pool, etc.  Within the hotel they have a bunch of kids activities going on, a awesome arcade, and best of all this 'Magi Quest' game.  Magi Quest is an interactive game that brings you on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world, and you have a real wizard wand you use to help you activate clues and solve mysteries to get to the next quest.  The 1st day when we tried to figure out how to work our wands and start this game Mama's head was about to explode as the whole concept is mind boggling.  It actually requires some thinking…and she thought she was on vacation...HA!  But after a day of learning the hard way, running all over the hotel, up and down the flights of stairs a million times we eventually figured out how the game works.  You really get on a roll and get addicted to want to finish as many quests as you can.  It was our 1st time there and we had a fantastic time!  I want to go every year for my birthday!!!

(Great Wolf  Lodge pics)  

I'm in 4th grade now.  I've had a great start to the year.  Mama notices this because even though homework can be such a drag I am disciplined enough to sit down by myself for an hour or more and complete the homework on my own.  Hallelujah!  Last year homework was torture and Mama and I got into many fights!  As Mama says I've matured…in some ways :)

I'm really into reading 'Diary of the Wimpy Kid' books.  They're super funny!  Not teaching me the best of things since the characters in the book like to play pranks but its entertaining to read.  I'm suppose to read 30 minutes every night for school, and a parent has to sign my log sheet so my teacher knows that I really read.  I generally don't mind since I enjoy the books I'm currently reading.  However, one night I was tired and wanted to do something else fun before bed so decided to skip reading and try and forge my Mama's signature!  Does this sound familiar?  Yup!  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) 

Some of you may have noticed in the pics that I've been wearing glasses.  They're real prescription glasses, not just a fashion statement!  Back in Spring Mama was suffering terribly from allergies.  She said one night that her allergies were so bad that her eyes were going blurry.  I turned around and mentioned nonchalantly that my left eye is always blurry!  Of course Mama freaked out and low and behold it was discovered after they dilated my eyes that I have a small cataract at the side of my eye.  They have to monitor it and be sure it doesn't grown.  If it does then it will have to be removed later in age.  But for now wearing the glasses is doing the trick and has improved my vision for detail a lot, even though I still play sports with no glasses.  Not that blind yet!  Anyways I love my glasses and think I look really cool in them :)

So I've gained some geeky apparel (my glasses!) and I've also recently joined a kind of geeky club - a Lego club.  Its a group of 6 of my good buddies whom are all addicted to building Lego, and we meet once a week to discuss all things Lego, present our new creations and get feedback.  Its serious stuff with a meeting agenda, and weekly requirements of what to bring to the meeting, which is why Mama thinks its kind of nerdy!  However, she much prefer me being at Lego club meetings instead of playing video games…which I do love to do too! 

I also love playing soccer.  I'm proud to say that this season my team "Blast" has won all 12 games, and hopefully we win the final Pele cup this weekend, and hold our undefeated title!!!  We've got a really strong team, 2 great Greek coaches, and on a roll.  I'm pumped!

Besides soccer I also have been continuing to play tennis.  Mama makes me do it because says its a good sport to continue so I have something to do when I get old…her age :)  I also discovered this summer that I also love Archery and Paintball shooting.  We were 'glamping' in Montana in July and I tried those 2 sports for the 1st time.  That trip was the highlight of my summer.  I can't wait to go back to Paws Up again!  Here are pics from our awesome glamping experience, roughing it in style :)

(Montana pics)  

And folks…That's the highlights of my life from 8 - 9 years old!  

More to come next month for my little brothers birthday, with halloween pics.  We've been lucky this year and hope the weather stays good so we can celebrate Halloween with no drama.  Hope we didn't just jinx ourselves!

Happy Halloween!!!

Big D xx

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