I SPY: Angelina Jolie Wannabe

Oct 21, 2014

Are you good or evil?  I've once again changed my mind on who I'm going to be for Halloween!  I'm playing the dark side.  I've been recently invited to a Halloween Ball after party and my costume must change.  Frida Kahlo will not work no more.  Sorry Frida, too BLAH!  Im going to be MALEFICENT.  Well, well ….HA!

I've decided this is a kiddie appropriate costume to chase my kids around in while they trick a treat in the hood, that can switch into more mature mode after when my horns are going to come alive at the Halloween Ball!  Here are some items on my story board to make a Maleficent costume a hit.  The horn head dress I ordered is from Party City.  P.S. I will be wearing knee high flat boots on my Mommy shift and changing into heels after to look tres' chic.  Street SMART!

Maleficent Look

Black Angel Wings

NARS Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick

Now that I'm so Angelina Jolie inspired, I've thought of a hilarious family costume for next year.  Why not be Angelina Jolie in real life?  I already have 2 of her Asian boys, just need to adopt 4 more cute kids to complete her army of six and find a Brad Pitt hottie to tote around too.  I'll get working on my search.  HA!  

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