I SPY: Twas' The Night Before Halloween

Oct 31, 2014

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN?  I think we are.  If not then we just have to deal with what we have because I can't run around anymore - I'm DONE!  Made my last run to the store to stock up on candy last night.  Only to find that the store's window displays have already switched to Christmas merchandise, and Halloween items are now on sale for 50% off.  GEEZ.  Halloween hasn't even passed and we're already expected to think of the next holiday?  RETAIL scams!

Back to my candy... there was hardly any candy left in store besides the candy with nuts.  My youngest has a peanut allergy, as do SO many kids these days, so it's safer in general to not hand out any candy with nuts to be sure nobody's life is accidentally jeopardized.  Pressed for time I didn't want to go to another store to buy nut free candy, so instead I bought a bunch of Halloween themed party favors that were on sale to hand out.

Masks & Straws

Pumpkin bubbles & Pencils with eraser tops

Pumpkin and Eyeball eggs with Tatoos and Stickers inside

Do you think the Trick or Treaters will care if it's not candy?  I doubt it.  They're kids and LOVE to just collect junk!  For my boys Trick or Treating is more about the event - getting dressed in costume, hanging out with friends, going door to door, collecting something, and coming home with a bucket full of something.  They're not really into the candy perse.  Luckily my boys don't have a sweet tooth, so after they eat a few pieces of candy the rest sits and becomes a midnight snack for MAMA who does a bag search for Bounty, Twix or Kit Kat!  Mmm... my childhood favorites!  After a week of indulging on the chocolate I like in their buckets I convince the boys that it's time to take their candy to their Dentist who buys back their candy $1 every 2 pounds.  The  Dentist sends the collected candy off to the troops overseas.  Last year my boys made $5 each from donating their candy.  They were able to buy a Lego guy with that.  Pretty SWEET deal!  

I'm actually digging this non-candy treats idea.  How about you?  Would save my kids the cavities, and sugar rush, and save me the calories!  HA.  Not to say that I want to be the Grinch who stole Halloween and stop candy all together.  They deserve something sweet but everything in moderation right?  Well we're going to test the reactions tonight.  Hope our house doesn't get egged tonight for being different!  Besides our 1 bucket of candy, the other 3 buckets are non-candy and I'm curious to see which of our buckets empty out first.  What's your guess?  I think the eggs are going to get snatched 1st.  That's what my eldest went for.  But then my youngest went for the masks.  Who knows!  Happy TRICK OR TREATING.

I SPY: Live! On TV

Oct 30, 2014

Trick or Treat?  TREAT!  Tomorrow - Friday October 31, at 9AM on ABC watch Kelly & Michael 'Live's Best Halloween Show Ever… Seriously'!  The duo are a hoot together.  I don't care too much for Kelly Ripa alone but LOVE Michael Strahan.  He's the ex NY Giants Football star, who co-hosts the morning talk show with Kelly.  Something about him makes me smile and laugh every time I catch a snippet of their talk show at the back of a NYC taxi cab.  What's not to like about a big guy acting like a clown, with a good sense of humor and who looks like he could crush Kelly Ripa if he sat on her?  That's a sure way he could shut her up, because she does get really annoying at times!  HA.

Photo Credit: parade.condenast.com

I don't have time to watch their morning talk show daily.  But somehow I happened to catch their Halloween special last year, and was peeing in my pants!  They were taking the SPOOF on a bunch of Hollywood celebrities and pop culture that hit the top headlines last year.  Check out these impersonations.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian - Photo Credit: nypost.com

Rafael Nadal & Serena Williams - Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Miley Cyrus twerking - Photo Credit: usmagazine.com

'Breaking Bad' stars Jesse Pinkman & Walter White - Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods - Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
HILARIOUS right?  Just wait till you hear the dialogue and see the acting.  HA!  LOVE it.  It's like watching SNL.  I wonder who they'll be taking the mickey out of on Friday?  Dunno, but I look forward to it.  Catch it or hit RECORD!

I SPY: Hello Doll

Oct 29, 2014

How do I make my eyelashes look VA VA VOOM?  Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.  A new miracle product on the market.  Featured on the TV show The Doctor.  They even think it looks good!

Easier to use then false eyelashes.  Cheaper and less hassle then getting eyelash extensions or a prescription for Latisse.  Instant results in 4 easy steps to looking FABULOUS:

1. A coat of your own regular mascara
2. A coat of Younique Transplanting Gel
3. A coat of Younique Fibers
4. Another coat of Younique Transplanting Gel

For $29 you will receive 2 Tubes in a black case, the Transplanting Gel and the Fibers.  The Fibers look like lint from the dryer!  But thats what adds thickness to your lashes to define them and make them pop.  The 1st coat of Transplanting Gel acts as a primer, and the 2nd coat seals the Fibers in.

Look at ME.  Tried and tested today at 8:00 AM.  Good Morning Farah!  An instant uplift to my au natural face.  YOUNIQUE lashes makes this 'not a morning' person look awake and fresh!  No need to hide behind dark sunglasses at kids school drop off today.  HA!

I took my new and improved eyelashes on a test drive!  Went to work out at a Barre class, ran errands, took a nap, cooked, dealt with kids - HA my non glamourous life!  But through all the hustle and sweat my EYELASHES held up all day.  No flaking and smudging, and easy to remove.  AMAZING stuff!

You must TRY it!  It's under $30 and would make a great X'mas gift.  Every girl on my list is getting a set this year!

Order from HERE:

I SPY: An Old Friend

Oct 28, 2014

Made any new friend's lately?  Today I met HENRY.  A man in his late 80's, introduced to me by my friend Jen.  Not a hook up!  HA.  Just a very chirpy senior gentleman, with a lovely soul, who is widowed, has no kids, or family that live near by, and who needs a helping hand.

Since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 I try to make a conscious physical effort to give back to the community.  When I did relief work at Hurricane Sandy with a group of friends who joined forces it was heart warming to know that I was helping people in need, and to feel how grateful they were in return.  Then last year I received the same gratitude when I worked in a soup kitchen for X'mas and played Santa to the kids.  Not much to ask of me.  A day of my life to give up that makes a huge difference to someone else's life is priceless.  So this year my efforts will be given to Henry.

Jen accidentally met Henry last month in our hood when she was driving along and caught Henry on the side of the street exhausted.   He had walked from his house to the closest supermarket which is about 1.5 miles away, bought his groceries and attempted to walk home carrying 5 bags.  CRAZY?  Too far for an old chap!  Since then Jen has set up a Care Calendar and reached out to all her friends in our town to offer a lending hand to Henry to help provide a meal or give him a lift to somewhere when we can.  Us with kids are cooking a few times a week or ordering in food, so putting aside a meal for Henry one day is a no brainer.  Driving him to where he needs to go isn't a big deal either, since we live in a small town and are always in the car schlepping kids to different activities.  Just add him to the carpool!  Jen is the STAR for thinking of this plan, and creating the Care Calendar for Henry to provide help and meals 2x a week.  Good job JEN you are Henry's angel!  What a gem.

Today was our 1st visit with Henry but I'm sure there will be many more.  Probably monthly visits, and I want my kids to get involved to make it a great family experience.  Never too young to teach them to start taking care of their elders.  Good practice for when the day comes that I get to Henry's age.  My boys better not be sending me off to a nursing home!  HA.

We brought Henry a mini feast - double portions of everything!  Tonight's 'La Casa Farah' dinner menu: Osso Bucco Beef Shank Stew, Rice, Garlic Bread & Pumpkin Pie.  All homemade besides the pie.  We tend not to eat dessert in this house, unless for special occasions or guest are over.  Diet rule #1!  But I felt I should complete the meal by giving him a dessert.  So I bought him a Pumpkin pie from the store since it's in theme with Fall and Halloween this week.  We also threw in todays paper as reading material to keep him entertained and up to date on the Ebola news.  EASY.

Good idea?  As we soon approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's a perfect time of year to make it a time of GIVING and think of who you can help, not just in monetary ways.  This is a wonderful idea for anyone you know who needs a helping hand.  Whether it be your neighbor who is ill, had an accident, surgery, or recent death in family and needs some periodic help.  Or a nice gift to a new Mom who has just given birth.  Any new Mom knows how crazy the first few weeks are after giving birth, and finding time to even take a shower is difficult, let alone having to get dinner on the table!  Or as seen a great idea for a Senior citizen, like Henry.  If you know of anyone you want to help out Care Calendar makes it easy for everyone who wants to be involved to sign up, stay organized and on schedule.  Not difficult - You can be an ANGEL to!


I SPY: Back In Town

Oct 27, 2014

Did you go shopping over the weekend?  For lack of anything better to do I did!  Though I had a purpose for hitting the store Lululemon because I was hoping to get this black camo vest.  Super cute right?  Maybe they have it in your size?  It's sold out online in my size, and I didn't have any better luck in the store.  BOO.  But of course I found something else to buy instead! HA.

Photo Credit: Lululemon.com

Photo Credit: Lululemon.com

These are the HERRINGBONE WUNDER UNDER PANT.  They made them last year.  They flew out of the stores by the time I noticed people wearing them and was dying for a pair!  So HAPPY they made them again this year.  I love the brushed Herringbone tweed pattern.  They feel buttery soft and cozy on.  It's perfect for Winter.  They look luxe.  Yes they are made to work out in, which I may do, but I would wear them out often as regular leggings that could be dressed up with a sweater and boots, or worn under a skirt or dress on very cold days.  After all...running around NYC and chasing two kids around is a mini workout where sweat wicking and four way stretch come in handy when running for the train and jumping over puddles!

Shown in color: Heathered Black

Photo Credit: Lululemon.com

Also available in color: Heathered White

Photo Credit: Lululemon.com

I bought both colors!  That's how much I LOVE them! HA.

Like?  Act FAST!  They're not available on their website, only in stores.  Call the store nearest you to run a check on your size.  Click for store locations here.  You snooze you loose.  Good luck!

T: 1877. 263. 9300

I SPY: Freaky Friday

Oct 24, 2014

What's one week away?  HALLOWEEN.  We are counting down the days!  I love Halloween as much as the kids do.  Not for the CANDY, but to see everyone dressed up, and how everyone has decorated their homes is FUN.

Are you having a party?  Or going to one?  These are some GROSS me out kind of finger foods to make and serve.  Or even fun to make one night for dinner next week to FREAK the kids out and get them geared up for the big day FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31.

Photo Credit: http://www.creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com/halloween-party-food/

Photo Credit: http://www.marthastewart.com/266115/eyeball-highball

Photo Credit: http://www.notquitenigella.com/2011/10/24/halloween-food/

Photo Credit: http://www.whitelightsonwednesday.com/2013/10/31-halloween-party-ideas/

Photo Credit: http://sayitwithcake.org/bloody-halloween-cake/

Photo Credit: http://www.kidskubby.com/8gross-halloween-food-ideas/2/

Photo Credit: http://www.buzzfeed.com/thebumblekee/28-pumpkins-who-are-clearly-alcoholics-f750?sub=2650924_1754646

Photo Credit: http://www.threelittlekittens.com/blog/?p=942

Photo Credit: http://princesspinkygirl.com/great-halloween-treats-for-your/2/

Photo Credit: http://www.edotmagazine.com/horrifying-halloween-foods 
Photo Credit: http://makingmemorieswithyourkids.com/2011/10/dirty-q-tips-oh-my/

Photo Credit: http://www.mommyonthemoney.com/2013/10/halloween-veggie-platter-cauliflower.html
EEewww.  The dirty Q-tips are beyond NASTY!  Lost your appetite?  HA.  Such creative ideas.  Even HEALTHY ideas can be spooky.  Who would've thought that eating eyeballs, bones and sucking blood could taste good?  Let's be CANNIBAL!  I can't wait to see my kids reactions when dinner is served.  The video camera will definitely be rolling!

I SPY: A Lego Party

Oct 23, 2014

Is your kid LEGO crazy?  Mine are, have been for years, and looks like I'll never see the end of it!  Out of all the toys they buy Lego is probably the most educational and creative.  Future Architects and Engineers I see in the making here.  I should be happy that they enjoy building so much.  I am.  However, Lego can create a huge mess, and drives me nuts when I step on a loose piece.  OUCH is one of the nicer four letter words that slip out of my mouth when that happens!  HA.

But here's an idea for what to do with every loose piece you pick up.  Don't tell the kids!  Use them towards these party invitation ideas.  Came across these when researching for my lil' guys Lego party next month.

Credit: http://yvonnebyattsfamilyfun.blogspot.com/2010/10/lego-party.html

Credit: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105051964/building-blocks-birthday-party-boxed?ref=shop_home_active_3

The 1st invitation is really simple to do.  Just a tip: I would crazy glue the lego pieces together so the kid receiving can't take apart the bricks.  You know they'll want to!  Otherwise an easier way is to make one brick invitation, photograph it, then print the photo out as invites to hand out, instead of the actual lego sculpture.  Just saved you time and wasting a bunch of bricks!

The 2nd invitation you could do if you have a good printer and want to make a visit to a art supply store to buy the boxes, card stock and sticker labels.  But why bother when you can order already made and assembled invitations from this shop on Etsy?  Good for small quantities.

What else is needed to throw a PARTY?  We're having his birthday party at Legoland Discovery Center so no need to decorate.  They provide all the frills, and the decor already looks like one big Lego box.  YAY!  But in case you do need party decor ideas check out my Pinterest page for inspiration.  Very cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Take home party favors I do need to organize.  Here's what we're debating on...

Credit: http://www.thecentsiblelife.com/2013/02/lego-friendship-bracelets/

Credit: http://www.cookiemondays.com/2011/01/chayses-lego-party.html
Credit: http://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-City-Fire-Truck-Holiday-Bauble-850842
All my ideas have been pulled from either Pinterest or Etsy.  I can't take the credit for the creativity!  Gosh, what did I do before Pinterest and Etsy?  HA!  They make party planning so easy nowadays, especially with Etsy shops making fabulous DIY projects at an affordable price.  Saves you time, thinking, making and running around.  I like that!  Who doesn't?  Enjoy building your party!

I SPY: Farewell Mr Oscar

Oct 22, 2014

Don't you miss Sex and The City?  Believe it or not it's been 10 years since they stopped taping.  Nothing has been good enough to follow religiously on TV since then.  SAD.

When I found out another giant Fashion icon has recently passed away, it made me think of the show and how I crave for some Carrie fever.  OSCAR DE LA RENTA sadly fled the scene yesterday at 82 years old.  Who?  The big fashion mogul known for the couture label he built, dressing society ladies for decades, with a huge Hollywood following, and his designs often being spotted on the red carpet.  Sarah Jessica Parker had a long standing friendship with the designer and was his MUSE.  She was often seen wearing his designs on and off the screen.  SJP was a true FAN.

Here is a flashback to some of the amazing pieces you may remember Carrie Bradshaw showing off on the hit show that were designed by Oscar de la Renta.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest - She Who Tames The Wind

Photo Credit: Pinterest - coolspotters.com

Photo Credit:  InStyle Magazine

Photo Credit: Pinterest - Die Welt

Photo Credit: Pinterest - mademoisellevuitton.tumblr.com

Were any of these your favorite Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe picks that have stuck in your mind?  These were definitely some of my favorite Fashion moments on the show.  If that's not enough my Pinterest Page has more of Oscar de la Renta's fabulous designs.  Girly perfection to the T.  The fit, proportions, draping, luxe fabrics, classic, feminine style, was his gift to any woman's body.  Le' sigh…I would love to play dress up in Oscar de la Renta's cinderella gowns!  JE' TAIME.

R.I.P Oscar de la Renta.  He has left behind a distinct mark in Fashion, and will be well remembered.  Best wishes for his legacy to continue in good hands.  The pressure is on for Peter Copping the Creative Director hand picked by Oscar de la Renta himself last week.  Don't mess up a good thing Mister!

I SPY: Angelina Jolie Wannabe

Oct 21, 2014

Are you good or evil?  I've once again changed my mind on who I'm going to be for Halloween!  I'm playing the dark side.  I've been recently invited to a Halloween Ball after party and my costume must change.  Frida Kahlo will not work no more.  Sorry Frida, too BLAH!  Im going to be MALEFICENT.  Well, well ….HA!

I've decided this is a kiddie appropriate costume to chase my kids around in while they trick a treat in the hood, that can switch into more mature mode after when my horns are going to come alive at the Halloween Ball!  Here are some items on my story board to make a Maleficent costume a hit.  The horn head dress I ordered is from Party City.  P.S. I will be wearing knee high flat boots on my Mommy shift and changing into heels after to look tres' chic.  Street SMART!

Maleficent Look

Black Angel Wings

NARS Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick

Now that I'm so Angelina Jolie inspired, I've thought of a hilarious family costume for next year.  Why not be Angelina Jolie in real life?  I already have 2 of her Asian boys, just need to adopt 4 more cute kids to complete her army of six and find a Brad Pitt hottie to tote around too.  I'll get working on my search.  HA!  
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