I SPY: Sweat It Out

Sep 15, 2014

What's hot and being seen everywhere?  SWEAT PANTS.  Or a.k.a JOGGERS.  Just like leggings and cargo pants were once the rage and still haven't died, sweats are now the buzz.  It's not brand new, but I always take time to warm up to a new trend, so now I've decided I'm ready to rock the style this Fall 2014!

Yes it's Miranda Kerr, with the killer face and body so anything looks good on her!  But I think I could also look chic sitting outside a Parisian cafe wearing this look.  Don't you?

With the right accessories I think you can pull off sweats with out looking like a slob.  I  think it's a very versatile pair of pants that can be easily worn casually to walk the dog, drop the kids at school, run errands, or sit side line watching your child's soccer game.  Yes I admit I'm a soccer MOM…eeeck!  But without kids in tow sweats can also be dressed up for a lunch date or even worn to work (depending on your field). Bottom line - don't save the sweats only for the gym and to laze around at home.

J.Crew has nailed the look!  I'm SOLD!

I've pulled some other looks from Pinterest that can give you ideas of how else to wear sweat pants in multiple ways.

Wear them on the weekend.

Wear them cropped.

Wear with fur.  Tres chic!

Wear them to work with a leather jacket.  I have a pair of tweed joggers in my closet I got last year at H&M for a steal.  I can do this!

Wear them with wedge sneakers.  Everything looks better with longer legs!

Wear them with heels and in a luxe fabrication such as silk, which still give the drapey slouch silhouette.  You've got a instant dinner date look right there!

For more cool looks check out my Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/ispycandy/sweat-it-out/

Start your hunt!  1st stop - check out J.Crew, Sweaty Betty, and Vince.  Just like jeans you've got to try on a dozen before you find a flattering fit for your body type.  Get a size up and a size down, and test what gives enough slouch, but not too much where your body gets lost inside.  Also, if your picking a more fitted pant style and have a booty I like back pockets to deceive the eye.  Insider TRICK!

What you thinking?  I love it!  I'm also obsessed with Harem pants.  But thats a whole other post for later!

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