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Sep 19, 2014

TGIF?  Oh yes!!!  I can't wait to chill and recharge this weekend.  It's been one of those kinda weeks.  Actually just one super BAD day that felt like a week!  Was in the city with my oldest son for a Dr appointment yesterday, and everything was good until all HELL broke loose on the way home.  An overwhelming adventure.  Not our typical kind!

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5:30 PM - Driving home on FDR drive and cars passing by me honking, pointing and shouting at me.  SMOKE coming out the hood of my car.  WTF?!!  Pulled over immediately in a panic and jumped out.  Thought car was about to explode!  But we were safe, and my son was pretty chilled as you can see.  Called Geico immediately to arrange roadside assistance, and was told that a tow truck would come within 1 hour.

6:30 PM - After an hour nobody had come to our rescue so called Geico again.  Found out the original tow truck they had sent had broken down and another one was on its way and to wait another hour.  SERIOUSLY?  This time being a little smarter requested the phone number for the tow truck company so I could contact them directly if further delays.

7:30 PM - Another hour had passed and still stranded.  The tel# came in handy.  Called the tow truck company only to find out that FDR drive was a restricted road and no commercial tow truck companies are allowed to be on that street, only select municipal tow truck companies.  In a polite way was told nobody was coming.  WHAT?  Why did nobody call me to inform me?  Now I'm FUMING!  Get back on phone with Geico to tell them they arranged the wrong tow truck company.

8:30 PM - It took an hour for Geico to sort everything out and contact the correct authorized tow truck for restricted streets to come pick us up.  Ridiculous service.

9:30 PM - FINALLY the tow truck arrives.  HALLELUJAH!  That was close to 4 hours wasted sitting in the dark starving.  Had I known it would've taken that long to be rescued I would have taken my son up on his idea and tried calling for PIZZA to be delivered to us on the side of the road!  HA.

10:00 PM - The tow truck got us off the FDR drive and dropped us at the closest exit on 125th street.  Then we had to call another commercial tow truck company to come pick up our car to store over night and drive to the Land Rover dealer the next day to get fixed.  We were now on a main street in a authorized parking spot so could ditch the car to go eat while we waited another hour for the next tow truck to come.  You should've seen how happy we were to find McDonalds at the corner where we were parked!  Sat in there for the remainder of time to eat, pee and do homework.  Never has GREASE tasted so good!  I'm lovin' it!

11:00 PM - #2 tow truck arrives and I am completely DONE by now.  Somehow my son is still perky!  No more energy to train it home, so I called a car service 777.7777 to pick us up and bring us home.

11:40 PM - Home sweet home.  EXHAUSTED.

Lesson learned: Next time I will not pull over to the side as a courtesy, and instead leave my car in the middle of the road blocking rush hour traffic.  I'm sure authorities would of arranged a tow truck ASAP to clear the roads then!

Ahhh...Thankful it was FDR drive and not some rough hood we were stuck in.  Also thankful I wasn't alone and in good company with my older son who had the energy and patience to keep up with the never ending unfolding day.  Good thing my lil' guy was safe at home - One less headache!  But most thankful I had my Mophie

This was my LIFESAVER.  I just got it two weeks ago after I saw my brother with one.  It's the most handy gadget to have in your bag when your not near a outlet to plug your charger in.  It can charge a iPhone, iPad or iPod to full battery 2-3 times.  Obviously great when your stuck road side, or even for the plane when your devices go dead.  Everyone should get one.  Don't leave home without it!

Can you imagine what would've happened if I didn't have my Mophie and was sitting outside waiting for tow trucks with a dead phone for 6 hours?  I would probably still be sitting on the side of the street a day later!  May next week be a lot simpler.  It's gotta be!

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