I SPY: Lost My Title

Sep 26, 2014

MAMA can you wipe my butt?  No son it's time you learn to do it yourself!  This is what I've been dealing with in my house for the last week.  FUN.  Not really because instead I've become the Plumber.  My lil' guy was using so much toilet paper it kept clogging the toilet!  I was caught a few times with rubber gloves and disposable chopsticks pulling clumps of toilet paper out of the toilet bowl before I could proceed with the plunger!  EEWwww!

Can you believe for 10 years between my two boys I've been the official 'Butt Wiper' of the house?  What an awesome title I've earned!  But now I've decided to pull the plug.  Why? Because my lil' guy has started full day Kindergarten and I don't think his teacher would appreciate him screaming for help from the bathroom!  Besides how is he ever going to learn personal hygiene if I'm always doing it for him?  And what a bad mother I would be if I never taught my son the last leg of potty training?  The pressure was on!

I must admit I dragged this task out longer with him then my 1st son.  Why?  Because I'm anal and he's a thumb sucker.  Partially me also just being lazy because it wasn't such a big deal to run to the bathroom on call.  There's worst jobs I can think of!  And it was another thing to say goodbye to which I wasn't ready for because he's my BABY.

But push come to shove we did it.  Another milestone surpassed with flying colors.  No more skid marks in his under pants, and no more threats that he is going to have to carry a plunger to school!  Good job little man!  As a Mom it's also an accomplishment and check off the list.  But just like when you stop buying diapers, throw out the bottles, crib and stroller you realize that chapter is over and you will never go back.  SNIFF.  What do you call this feeling?  BITTERSWEET.  Your happy because once you've successfully potty trained your child it is something to celebrate, but on the flip side facing the reality that they're growing up way too fast is sad.

Well I've given myself a pep talk and for those in my shoes listen up.  CHEER UP…we still got our own butt to wipe!  When the day comes that we can't do that anymore then we have true reason to be sad.  RIGHT?  Always got to look on the bright side!  Have a BUTT-iful weekend!!!

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