I SPY: Class of 2027

Sep 3, 2014

Do you remember your 1st day of Kindergarten, or your child's?  Today is my baby's 1st day.  Boy they grow up fast! *SNIFF*  The harsh reality of life!

Over the summer I was looking for a way to start documenting my lil' guys grade school years, and I came across a great idea on Pinterest to help document this.  Simple to copy!  Get a large adult T-shirt and print your Kindergarteners graduation date on it.  I ordered the personalized baseball T from Etsy.  Every year take a photo of them in the T-shirt and the final photo on high school graduation day.  It's going to be a great memory to look back on and will be interesting to see the progression of how he starts to fill out the shirt over the next 12 years.  Fingers crossed there's no hiccups and he graduates on time!

Don't you think it's a fab idea?  I wish I had thought of this 5 years ago with my older son.  Never too late!  I've started the annual photo op with him too!

Now I can't wait for my two monkeys to come home from school to hear about their first day of Kindergarten and 5th grade!  Lets see how much they tell me.  Probably just the usual one word answer 'Good' or 'OK'.  Do they not realize I've been waiting hours to get a full on minute by minute report about their day?  HA - Pyscho Mom!  Do you have the same problem?  Well today I'm going to try these tips from an article I read in Huffington Post on 25 Ways to Ask Your Kids 'So How Was School Today?'   It's all about tricking them and being creative in how you word your questions!  Give it a go!


  1. This is awesome! Some great photos! Did you get a chance to go to La Gurida? The food there was so good!

    1. No - but thanks for recommendation. Will try it the next time I'm there!

  2. Ugh wrong post was for the Cuba post! Sorry


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