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Sep 23, 2014

Did you get the new iPhone 6?  I didn't, and thought I don't need it until I dropped my phone today and shattered the screen!  SH*T I hate when that happens!  Whats up with my stroke of bad luck these days?!?

When I do eventually get around to buying a new phone I will be donating my old phone to Hope Phones.  This is an organization affiliated with EVERY MOTHER COUNTS a charitable organization created by Christy Turlington Burns.

Her cause is to help prevent maternal deaths worldwide.  EMC is currently operating in Haiti, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Uganda and the USA.  In a recent article found in InStyle Magazine September 2014 issue she says:

There are two things I wish everyone knew.  One: A woman dies every two minutes bringing life into the world.  And two: Ninety percent of these deaths are preventable with treatments and medicines that are widely available.  We don't need to invent anything to save these lives - we just need to make it a priority to save them.

This cause hits close to home for Christy Turlington Burns.  Her life was threatened eleven years ago due to a retained placenta when she started to hemorrhage after delivering her daughter Grace.  Any Mother would agree with me that pregnancy and child birth is a risk.  I have quite a few friends that faced obstacles during pregnancy and child birth, including myself who had a very low platelet count during pregnancy and had to have a c-section delivery to help control the bleeding.  If not for early detection prenatal visits, medicine and delivering at a hospital my life would have been at major risk when I gave birth to my boys.  I agree with Christy Turlington Burns that every Mother should have the ability to make the experience of pregnancy as safe as possible.  Life is Precious.  Only after becoming a Mother can you truly feel what a blessing it is to give birth to a healthy baby and be thankful you survived.

The focus of this organization is to provide education, supplies and transportation to a medical facility.  When you donate a phone Hope Phones will refurbish or recycle your old phone and proceeds will be used to supply a new mobile to a EMC health worker in the field.

So go get that new phone you want!  Feel good about donating your old phone to this great cause.  Or if your not getting a new phone, you may already have old phones laying around in the kids toy bins? Check! Other ways to get involved is to run for CharityMiles.org or you can donate directly to EveryMotherCounts.org.  Lets join forces to help combat this battle and support other Mommies in this world who are not as fortunate as us.  We can make a difference.  TOGETHER.

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