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Aug 18, 2014


Want to go camping but can't deal with not taking a hot shower?  GLAMPING solves your problem!  Paws Up in Greenough, MT has various luxury options.  We stayed in a 500 sq ft one bedroom tent at Creekside Camp, with a King size bed and a ensuite private bathroom (double sink, toilet & shower with running hot water).  Yup, it's as big as a NYC apartment!  Extra bonus: No breaking a nail pitching a tent; roughing it in a sleeping bag; or having to go outside to dig a hole!

How nice is that?  Not only are your living quarters comfortable but the scenery your surrounded by in the Blackfoot Valley on a 37,000 acre ranch will have you saying OHM!


It's a working Montana dude ranch with endless activities to do for all ages.  Organized activities need to be reserved in advance.  Plan ahead before your trip because if you snooze you loose, and what a bummer that would be if you missed out on all our fun.

I felt quite bad ass like Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games.  Kids thought they were Robin Hood.  Yup, we were ego tripping!

Drum Circle:
Join the fun!  Get drum lessons and learn to play tunes around the camp fire.  Get your groove on.  Great for all ages.

Grab a rod and get out in the Black Foot river that runs 10 miles through the property.

Take a hike.  The best way to enjoy the beauty.  Grab a map; Pick a trail; Choose a picnic spot and ask the resort to pack you a picnic lunch in advance.  Keep your eyes open along the path - we spotted a bald eagles nest.  Its huge!

Horseback Riding:
It wouldn't be complete if you didn't ride a horse while in the land of cowboys!  Giddy up and take lessons or go for a group trail ride.  How can you resist these beautiful horses?

Kids Camp:
They have cool itineraries and excursions planned for the kids that change daily.  No room for boredom there!  Hopefully you can pick a day when the kids get to paint a horse.  My kids had a blast - I'm not sure if the horse did!

Lake House:
They drive you off property about 45 minutes to their lake house on Lake Seely.  Its nice to go hang out for half a day or a full day.  There's a bunch of water activities to do by the lake - jet skis, paddle boats, tubing, wake boarding, water trampoline etc. Full amenities inside the lake house.  Life vests provided for everyone.

My 8 year old HAD to do this!  He went off to battle with the big boys (grown men).  It was serious stuff with all the props.  Needless to say my eldest still talks about this experience a year later and can't wait to do it again!

Sporting Clay:
Say PULL!  They've got a 12 station course.  It's a challenging circuit.  The clays shoot out at each station in different ways to mimic how an animal would move.  Such as a bird who flies straight up, or a rabbit who stays low to ground.  Beware you may get a bruised shoulder - but thats cool when you've got a great story behind it!

Looks like we did a lot right? Not even half! Their extensive Activity Menu gives you the full list to ponder over.


It's not a vacation unless you visit a spa - Or is that only how I feel because I'm a massage slut? Ha! Ok, well maybe their Spa Menu will allure you if you need convincing.  Their treatment rooms are in individual tents, and I love their home made scrubs.  Smell them!  They had 10 different concoctions.  These two were my favorite that smelled good enough to eat.

Free yoga classes in the morning.  Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Connect with your inner Chi and Zen out.

All meals inclusive.  Breakfast at your own camp in the dining pavilion - Buffet style, with a la carte options and a omelette station.  Lunch at main village Trough restaurant.  Restaurants menu had a decent variety, and they had a grill on the side making hot dogs and hamburgers.  Dinner at your own camp in the dining pavilion, table served family style, or you can go to Trough in main village but we never bothered.  MUST try the things they make out of Huckleberry thats unique to their area.  I tried huckleberry ice cream, lemonade & maple syrup.  All yummy - no wonder the bears love it!

After dinner your camp butlers build a bonfire and you can sit around and make s'mores.  It was a nightly event!  I couldn't indulge in s'mores daily the way the kids did, however I did enjoy the smell of marshmallows roasting on an open fire and watching the kids have fun.  If you've never tried before a Reese's Pieces s'more do it!  It was my 1st time and it hit the spot!


The Resort at Paws Up
40060 Paws Up Road
Greenough, MT 59823
T: 1877.588.6764

A unique experience you'll never forget; Great family bonding time; Gorgeous views; Fresh air; Star gazing; Non stop entertainment for your kids.  Pretty close to as good as it gets!

No pool.  What? Aww shucks!  With kids I need a pool to quickly clean them up.  Jumping in the creek just doesn't work the same!  I also would've loved to jump in a nice pool after a long day of hiking in 90F temps to cool off.  But nope it's never going to happen!  The owner doesn't think a pool fits the ambience because it's not 'natural'.  Bummer!

Creekside Camp is not walking distance to the main village.  They provide cars on call that come pick you up, so it's not a problem.  But it is 15 mins by car from the main village.  There are accommodations closer to main village but they're homes and cabins not tents.  Those homes come with a private golf cart you can independently move around in so you do not need to rely on hotel staff to shuffle you.  An option if convenience is key.


Pack Layers:
Even though the summer days are warm (80/90F), the weather drastically drops by early AM. It gets cold (low 40's/50F) at late night and in the early morning.  Dress in layers, and a fleece sweater or jacket is wise to bring.  Pack clothes that dry fast - not jeans.  You will be getting wet and dirty!

Turn the heat on:
Before you go to bed at night remember to turn on the space heaters in your tent, or put the remote by your bed.  Don't be like us on our 1st night when we woke up in the morning frozen, and nobody could get out of bed!

Ready to go?  Book your dates.  Fly into Missoula, MT airport.  Round trip airport pick up is inclusive in Paws Ups resort fee, so a driver and a big Paws Up bus will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival.  Enjoy the scenic 30 min drive to the resort, and once your there you stay there, and won't want to leave.

If you end up loving Glamping as much as I did go buy a shirt like me at the resort shop and show your new found love - cheesy I know, but makes a great sleeping shirt!  To date one of our best and most memorable vacations.  Will it be yours too?

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